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Katherine (Katie) Augustine, Founder

Katie Augustine has dedicated the last decade of her career to empowering people to live more authentic, purposeful lives. As a Life Mastery Consultant™ and inspirational speaker, she has guided 1000s of clients through personal transformation. Katie’s coaching blends spiritual principles with strategic skill sets and action steps. In 2018, Katie joined the Brave Thinking Institute™ as a Senior Coach and Faculty member, encouraging new coaches to establish their businesses.


Katie has been an Earth and animal advocate her entire adult life. Even as a child, Katie loved her backyard swing set in the woods, always feeling connected with nature! This passion led her to become ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer™ in 2009 with a focus on Indigenous teachings and transpersonal pyschology. Katie is also a Maitri Breathwork™ Facilitator, a Reiki practitioner, a social commentary poet, and an attorney. She specialized in Fair & Responsible Banking and risk management as a financial compliance consultant for 22 years.


Katie founded ECS Evolve Consulting Services by merging her ecological interests with her risk expertise. ECS Evolve supports conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations in reducing their climate footprint and expenses by implementing sustainable solutions through environmental assessments and regenerative frameworks. Katie’s mission is two-fold: to support people in living their dreams and to raise awareness for the global collective. She envisions an evolution on our planet in which humanity and the many ecosystems and species thrive in harmony with one another.

Katie lives in Greenville, SC, with many visits back home to Cleveland, OH to visit her Mama and friends. She lives with her partner Bill Boronkay, a comedian and former sportscaster who has 5 Emmys he is too humble to joke about, and with their 3 cats, Squeaky, Lester and Stevie Nicks. Their homes also include many beloved foster and stray cats they socialize and find loving homes for (over 100 and counting!). If you're interested in a sweet cat, please reach out!

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Katie grew up Catholic and always felt a deep spiritual affinity with Jesus, God and the Saints. She began studying Eastern religions and spiritual philosophies in 1989 via an Eastern World Religion class in college, attending a Vedanta Society's sessions and having a golden opportunity to interview the Swami. This class opened her to spirituality in different forms. Her spiritual path included studying multiple religions and philosophies, including A Course in Miracles, the Seth books, and Tai Chi. She became a Reiki Practitioner (Level III) in 1994. She joined a Unity Church in the early 2000s, which offered amazing spiritual teachers and experiences, such as chanting, drum circles, and MasterMinds. In 2006, she co-founded Sacred Arts and Healing Center, LLC (SAHCs) in 2006 with Roger Sams in Lakewood, Ohio. The primary modality at SAHCs was Transformational Movement, and SAHCs was an instrumental facility for personal growth, Reiki, massage and healing in the Cleveland area during its two years of operation. Katie became a Minister for Walking Prayer (TM) in 2009 (via the Center for Sacred Studies (CSS)) and during the era through 2011 Katie studied with and served (3 weeks at Omega Institute) The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Katie is currently a parishioner of Agape International Spiritual Center, and a student of Sri Amma Karunayami, CSS, and the Mother Earth Delegation.

Personal Development

Since 2011, Katie has studied with (including 5 spiritual pilgrimages) another mentor, Mary Morrissey, the founder of the Brave Thinking Institute. She also worked personally  with Brave Thinking Institute's Master Coach, Kirsten Welles. Katie has also taken a number of programs by the teachers she considers the best on the Planet at this evolutionary time, including with: Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Gloria Karpinski, Sri Amma Karunamayi, Brian Weiss M.D., Jean Houston Ph.D., Andrew Harvey Ph.D., Grant Cardone, Colette Baron-Reid, Dr. Sue Morter, Russel Brunson, Tony Robbins, Loral Langemeier. Dean Graziosi, Marianne Williamson (via her presidential candidacies and Agape), and was an avid student of Wayne Dyer's books and PBS Specials. It was during Katie's Ministry, Stargate, and Maitri Breathwork (TM) programs, where she met her Center for Sacred Studies (CSS) mentors, Jyoti Ma (aka Jeneanne Prevatt, Ph.D.), Darlene Hunter, Jennifer Sugarwoman, and Ashley Wile, a Holotropic Breathwork (TM) Facilitator and friend. Since 2020 Katie attends Humanity Rising's daily programs (via Ubiquity University) and attended a Chartres France pilgrimage in 2022. In 2021 Katie became an Energy Codes Facilitator (TM) (Dr. Sue Morter's work) and Katie has also worked with Coach Mo of Your Soul Powered Life. Katie continues working with mentors, believing it is a privilege to enhance her own personal development over her lifetime.

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