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ECS EVOLVE Consulting Services: The 3 Pillars

ECS EVOLVE Consulting Services support conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations through 3 pillars (semi-utilizing the model "3 Pillars of Sustainabilty" of People, Planet and Profit framework):

Pillar I: Envision & Empower

Eco-Assessment & Regenerative Strategies

ECS EVOLVE offers an initial consult & survey, producing a custom environmental assessment to support the organization in determining areas of eco-risk and applicability. Based on the results, ECS Evolve designs sustainable improvements and regenerative strategies. The objective is to reduce the organization's ecological impact, which in turn reduces expenses and adds to both team pride and client (or potential client) awareness of the organization's social consciousness. ECS Evolve's program includes: 1. Initial survey, 2. Initial consult and introduction to the risk assessment, 3. A summary of results, 4. An Executive Summary meeting with 3-5 regenerative strategies to implement (based on the highest risk summary determinations).

Pillar II: Express & Educate

KeyNote Speaking, Advocacy, & Publications


ECS EVOLVE utilizes multiple platforms to support education on environmental movements. Katie writes social commentary related to the ECS Evolve mission and the causes close to her heart. Her articles can be seen on She also is a co-author in the Jim Britt book Series, Cracking the Rich Code Volu 12, the Special Edition. Katie's chapter is entitled, An Evolutionary Birthing: A perspective on personal development as part of Collective Evolution. Katie also speaks on the ecological significance as part of the Collective Evolution occurring on the planet at this time. Contact Katie for a speaking engagement.

Pillar III: Expand & Engage
Community Building (Peace Game)


ECS EVOLVE's vision is to support community building and grass roots movements that further planetary advancements and social justice, as well as humane treatment for all species and ecosystems. Founder Katie is participating in The Peace Game ( which includes two steps; 1. internally incorporating peace through a personal process, and 2. creating a project with a team supporting peace on the planet. See the Pillar III page for how the peace project unfolds, and see how YOU can participate in the project (as it grows, currently in process).

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