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An Evolutionary Birthing:

A Perspective on Personal Development
as part of Colle
ctive Evolution

See Katie's message regarding how we may invite personal growth to serve the collective at this time of evolution. Cracking the Rich Code is a series of books by Jim Britt with 20 co-authors supporting coaches and influencers.  See a 'sneak peak' of Katie's chapter, below:

From the Personal to the Collective


You are not a passive observer in the Universe. The entire Universe is expressing itself through you at this very moment.” Dr. Jean Houston


It is my humble yet bold opinion that we are in an evolutionary birthing on the planet, and our work supporting others in their personal development is significant as an integral part of collective transformation. I view this extraordinary birthing as a threshold moment for the evolution of humanity and other species on Planet Earth. The world is creating through each of us. 


Through this chapter, first, I invite you to live your purpose and influence others to live into theirs. The second invitation is to consider the global collective in your work to evolve humanity and all of life on the planet.

Evolution Calling


As within, so without, as above, so below, as the Universe, so the soul.”  Hermetic Philosophy


What if we are on the cusp of an evolutionary tipping point? What if instead of the seemingly overwhelming situations of breakdown, we were on the brink of a breakthrough? What if part of this edge of evolution is dependent on you and your clients stepping into personal greatness as well as envisioning a future for the global collective?


We know scientifically everything is energy, and the Universe is expanding. Science now confirms many theories that metaphysicians of the ages had shared. Ideas such as “thoughts create your reality” have been verified through quantum physics experiments during which the experimenter’s expectations affect the projected outcomes.

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